How We Got 317 Ecom Orders In 3 Days Using The Ecom Sold Out Chatbot System (With $30 Ads Budget)

You’re about to learn a NEW STRATEGY that will help you to build ready-to-buy customers, generate more sales and finally reduce your ads cost – almost on autopilot. 

By the way, most people still believe that Messenger Bot or even Facebook Ads don’t work – if you’re one of them – I feel your pain.

At the end of this post, I will show you a SECRET BAR FORMULA for getting mad results with messenger bot and Facebook Ads without wasting your money.

Today, I’ll focus on how we used messenger bot + a secret formula (I’ll give you today) to sell out products at scale. And, I’ll to give you the exact funnel we used – if you want.

Before we continue, watch this video of how it all started & you’ll understand why I’m doing this… 

(Live Results Of The Orders Coming In)

Campaign Breakdown

Niche – Weight Loss

Product Price – 1 = N15,000 // 2 = N25,000

Orders Collected – 317 (combined)

Orders Delivered – 228

Preparation – 2 Weeks

Ads Spent – $30

Manpower – 1 Full-Time Assistant 

Chatbot Subscribers – 8456

Emails Extracted – 4152

Phone Numbers – 5201

Why Messenger Chatbot?

If you’ve got a Messenger Chatbot for your business, every time you send a message to your audience, their phone vibrates in their pocket… 

And they’re compelled to open (almost) every message you send. 

If your offer is irresistible and your copy is persuasive, your customers will take action. 

Reaching your customers over and over again is very important. As they say, the average customer needs 7 touch points before they buy.

With messenger bot, it’s very easy to reach your customers & get them to see it, because they’re using the same app they use in chatting with their friends & family.

Some people call it the “email killer” because of the HIGH open rate and click-through rate. But those who say so are wrong!

Chatbot Is Not Going To Kill Email…

However, it’s a tool that can be used to build your email list, get more qualified leads and close more sales faster.

Messenger Chatbot Is FAST Becoming The #1 Way For Businesses To Engage With Their Audiences.

A highly performing chatbot can…

1) Deliver Messages with a 100% Inboxing Rate

2) Message Notifications Make Phones Buzz & Get The User Attention

3) 80-90% Open Rates and Over 50%+ Click-Through Rates

4) Engaging Personalization (Address People by Their Name)

5) Have Automated Conversations Inside a Platform Your Buyers TRUST

6) Unlimited Follow Ups With Potentials Customers 

7) And Much More

Back To The Ecom Chatbot Case Study…

This case study is all about how we got 317 orders with the power of the Ecom Sold Out Chatbot System.

In ecommerce, numbers are everything.

The more people that see your product (traffic), the more orders you’ll get (conversion).

However, there is a crucial ingredient when it comes to conversion… And that’s Trust.

If You Can Get Anyone To Trust You, You Can Sell Anything To Them – If They Have A Means Of Paying For It.

Most people that are interested in your product, click your ads, visit your sales page and leaves without buying. Why? Mostly because they don’t trust you or have the money.

Looking at this case, we decided to do something crazy…

We decided to engineer trust in 2 weeks by using content marketing + BAR Formula (I’ll tell you more later). 

To kill the distrust, we planned to teach them for 2 weeks before pitch our product & it worked… But, it was not easy – as you’ll see.

The Goal Of The Campaign Was…

…To Get Leads & Follow Up With Them To Get Sales While Extracting Their Contacts For Multi-Channel Follow Up.

We designed the Ecom Messenger Bot to handle the follow up process without manually sending messages. 

The Bot asks the prospects some engaging but serious questions (or survey about their problem & the solution they crave for)…

And their answers will be sent to a google sheet for multiple uses. (I’ll show you how we used everything) 

We’ll get their phone number and email address with a free gift.

Very basic, right?

However, to fully understand how this case study work, let’s some marketing fundamentals that will make selling your products easier. 

7 Figure Marketing Fundamentals You Must Remember...

Lots of marketers skip this every time, they want the secret headline trick that makes people buy… Haaahaa!


This is the first thing you want to list out. You really want to know what your prospect wants to achieve. 

Once you have this list, you can use it in every of your marketing, copywriting or sales pitch. 

For Example, Weight Loss Niche…

  • Want to feel sexy & young
  • Want to eat anything without guilt
  • Want to avenge people who called them ‘fat’
  • Want to be more attractive to their partner or opposite sex
  • Want to feel more confident in public
  • Want to wear to clothes they crave
  • Want to swim in public without any shame
  • And much more…

SIDENOTE: If you sell weight loss products, copy and paste those desires above and use it in your marketing.


This is very important. You should show how your product or service satisfy their desires. 

If you can’t satisfy their desires it means two things… 

1). You’re in the wrong business or have the wrong product.

2). You’ve not done your homework. 

For Example, Weight Loss Keto Tea… 

  • Tea Ingredient 1 – Help you burn fat 3X faster, after a little walk around the house
  • Tea Ingredient 2 – Make you less hungry
  • Tea Ingredient 3 – Increase your metabolism
  • Tea Ingredient 4 – Give you the strength to work out, even if you’re stressed
  • And Much More…


Everybody is afraid of something.

Understand their past struggle, present struggle & what will happen if they choose not to do anything about their issue. 

Example… Potential Weight Loss Customer – Lady

Past struggle… Couldn’t swim with friends, sewed a dress but couldn’t wear them, your partner said you’re fat, people thought they were older, no second date (many more angles) 

Present struggle… don’t like going out with friends, choose what to eat in order not to get bigger, struggling to reduce or keep the current weight, saw a slim & sexy lady on partners phone, couldn’t breathe after running (many more angles) 

Future struggle… loss partner to someone slimmer, risk of having health disease, 10x harder to lose the weight, become a talk of the town (many more angles) 

The more you know about them, they better you’ll be able to persuade them. 


PROSPECTS are people who “might” be interested in your product or service. There are hot, warm and cold.

When prospecting you’re just wishing and hoping to get someone who’ll be interested in your offer. 

It’s easier to go after a niche or a sub-niche of a market when prospecting than a big market so that you can customize your message. 

Example… Stay At Home Moms, Working Class Ladies instead of Women.

LEADS are prospects (or people) who are interested in your offer. The offer can be an invitation to listen to a pitch, get a gift or to send you a message.

Once someone contacts you because of what you wrote online, they’re leads. But don’t be fooled – not all leads are good leads. 

For Example… 

You made a post about helping 10 stays at home women lose some weight. Anyone that comment or send you a message is a lead. 

It’s time to follow-up and close right? No! You have to qualify them without wasting your time. That’s what the BOT help you do. 

QUALIFIED LEADS are people who have to pass some criteria to do business with you. 

They are usually a series of questions you ask the lead to determine if they pass the simple test. 

For Example… 

Weight Loss (How you looking for a proven solution to burn your fat?) 

Network Marketing (How much time or money are you willing to invest?, How many hours can you work on your business?) 

Real Estate (What is the budget for land or house you’re looking to buy? When do you need it?) 

Consulting (What is your marketing budget?) 


Here’s a simple exercise for you. Download a “Call Recorder” on your business phone. (Search Google Play or App Store) 

BTW… It’s illegal to record people calls in other countries without telling them. But you can delete the app after you’re done with this experiment. 

Record your business calls and listen to the conversations on a weekend. You’ll learn two things… 

1). You need to stop talking too much and start asking for the money more often. (just listen to one of your calls) Also, it’s good for sales training. 

2). You’ll know the questions your prospects always ask you when they first contact you. 

For Example, Weight Loss… Depending on how they saw you. It can be because of your post about natural weight loss strategy, nutrition plan for weight loss or a lovely product you just discovered. 

So you want to show them what brought them in when they first visit your bot. In this case, it’s… 

1). Natural Weight Loss 

2). Nutrition Plan 

3). Buy Our Product 

Add “Talk To An Expert” in case they can’t find what they’re looking for.


The best call to action are the ones that imitate the prospect’s language.

One of my sales coaches once told me that, the best sales closing script is “How do we get started?”. Then I didn’t believe it, but now I know it’s the best. 

Multiple opt-in page experiment has been done… Like the same page with two different buttons CTA.

  • Page A is “Get Instant Access”
  • Page B is “I Want My Free Guide”

Page B perform 2.5X better than Page A because of the feeling of entitlement. Try it for your next campaign. 

When using a call to action in your messenger bot, make it short and sweet. 

For Example… 

  • Show Me The Next Step 
  • Yes. Tell Me More 
  • No. I’m Not Interested 
  • Show Me How It Works
  • Let’s Get Started 
  • Click Here To Read
  • I Want It Now 

Congratulations For Reading So Far. You're doing a great job! Time to discover the real magic…

The Exact 300+ Ecom Orders Strategy (Breakdown)...

This strategy is simple to understand but hard to execute because of analysis paralysis. 

I’ve shared this same strategy with people, they immediately saw how it can help their business… 

But, they didn’t execute it. I don’t blame them, it even took me some time to execute it. 

If you execute what you’re about to see, you’ll have a ready to buy audience you can send a message to and make money out of thin air. 

Let’s get started… 

1) Build Your Simple Chatbot

Truthfully, this is the easiest part. It’s very easy to build your chatbot. I even have a free Chatbot course and I covered the fundamentals. 

Enter your email below to get the video course + a free way to get 100 subscribers daily…

The Chatbot structure was very easy. I’ve even decided to give you the exact Ecom Chatbot Funnel that I used for this campaign, which you can start using with 1-Click. 

Details will be sent to your email including the free Chatbot course. So, enter your email above – don’t dull. 

However, if you want to move fast and bust your phone with credit alerts – get my premium Chatbot course – Profitable Bot Consultant Program.

Here’s The Chatbot Structure…

  • Welcome Message 
  • 14 days follow up messages 
  • Free gift (PDF) to suck leads (emails & phone number) 

…. Finished! 

I told you before that it was simple. Isn’t? Let’s move on… 

2) Grow the Chatbot Subscribers to 5k in 2 weeks with $30 on Facebook Ads.

This is the part most people complain about. We simply use the Amen Strategy (it’s a secret viral method only the top 1% of fb marketers use). 

For the first time, I share this strategy in my Premium Chatbot Course (See Crazy Promo) and my students are going crazy over it. Because the result is mind blowing! 

For example, see what a top marketer said about 1 out of my 12 strategies inside Profitable Bot Consultant Program… 

700+ Subs In 24hrs With 300 Emails... Jeeeezzz!

5 Days Results - A Recent Bot We Created...

But, for this our case study…

We were willing to spend N20 per lead for the Chatbot, but The AMEN Strategy worked wonders and we got over 5000+ Chatbot Subscribers for $30.

If you want a free method, check the free chatbot course, I should you how to get 100 daily subscribers for free. 

At least, get the free Chatbot course, check the FREE PDF and see what I’m saying… 

You’ll want to test different strategies in order to reduce your cost. That’s why I’ve over 12 winning ways to grow your chatbot subscribers – fast. 

So, while getting 5k subscribers we should be priming them for our paid product while teaching them.

3) Prime & Nurture Them With Valuable Content.

This is my favourite part. Because this is where the BAR Formula comes into play. Look at the image below…

Basically, you want to share insight (something beyond the obvious) with your subscribers and teach them something new. 

So, they can trust you as the go-to expert around your niche. Then, when you finally pitch them anything, a good percentage of them will say yes to it. 

The plan is to teach them 6x and pitch the 7th time, but you MUST be mentioning the paid product every time you send them a message. 

For Example, Day 4…


These 4 Unique Fruits Will Increase Your Chances Of Burning Fat Faster (Even if you exercise or not)… 

Today, I want to show you the 4…

…so those are the fruits that help you burn fat faster. However, the fat extraction formula in our tea, speed up the rate at which you burn fat even while you sleep. 

Yes. You can drink the tea before going to bed and it’ll keep melting your body fat at night and you’ll wake up lighter, happier and stronger. I’ll give you more information about this fat extraction tea very soon. 

Tomorrow, I’ll show you the two popular Nigerian foods you should stop eating if you’re serious about losing weight this month. 

Hope you enjoyed today’s lesson. 


Useful content sending on autopilot while building trust and priming them to get your product. And most importantly, make them come back for tomorrow’s lesson. 

If you’re doing a good job. People will be asking for the product information (like how much, where can I buy it) which you can tell them or delay the sale. 

4) Pitch Them A Hot Product They've Not Seen Before.

My dear, if you don’t all this hard work and pitch them an mlm product – it won’t work that well. 

Listen… if you’re telling them to try something most people have tried or they’ve tried before, they won’t say yes. 

Our product was fresh to the Nigerian market and we were the first to sell it. We have a secret method for getting hot selling physical products which is the “3 Groovy Methods” inside our new course – Hot Product Detective. 

Anyway, you need a product they’ve not seen or used before… And you’ll sell a lot of them. 

This is a simple 4 steps Ecom Sold Out Chatbot system anyone can implement. And whenever we send a broadcast to the list, we usually get some orders. 

Why The Strategy Worked…

1) Trust has been built for 2 weeks.

Trust is the pillar of all sales transactions. 

Build it and you can sell anything to anybody if they can afford it. 

2) They saw the sales pitch (and will keep seeing it every time)

So, when I finally pitch the product, it was no longer new. 

They matched to the sales page and ordered immediately. It also followed the 7 touch point principle.

My Gifts To You…

For taking the time to read everything, I have a special gift for you. 

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Thank you very much for your time.

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